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charvel san dimas location
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Charvel Jackson San Dimas factory / Gladstone Street Glendora Factory

charvel shop in san dimas
The industrial building that housed the Charvel San Dimas shop still resides on East Gladstone Street in Glendora California. The Charvel Jackson Facility, funny enough, is tucked away on the border of Glendora and San Dimas. As of this writing Google maps has its data incorrect for this area..

I grew up within a few miles of Glendora and I attended high school ( USA grades 9-12 ) in San Dimas. My graduating class was the year 1984. Let me be clear and state that this site is not about me. My intent is to fill a void of information that is absent from the internet. That said many of us adolescent teenage boys in the local area knew of the Charvel Glendora shop and either worked at the Charvel San Dimas Shop or knew other musicians that did.

The San Dimas Guitar manufacturing shop as most of us know was thought to be in the city of San Dimas. Yet, Charvel Jackson Inc. was actually at the very bottom of the large city of Glendora and within about 200 yards of the border between the two cites. The old Charvel factory is part of the Gladstone Street Industrial Park commercial business units as they are called today. The city of San Dimas which is south of Glendora on the map ended up attaining a certain amount of fame in the 1980s because of Charvel Jackson Inc and a movie called Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure.

Here is a recent satellite image of the Gladstone Street Industrial Park with the factory highlighted.
If you look at Google Maps online map of Glendora or San Dimas the factory site is below the 210 Freeway and just on the west side of the 57 Freeway by about 500 yards. Its on the east side of Lone Hill Ave. Charvel Jackson Inc and the industrial park are just a few feet east of the railroad tracks and north of Gladstone.

Here is a video I recorded of the Charvel San Dimas Shop that is in the city of Glendora.
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1987 Import Charvel Catalog